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Class Content

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  • Multi-faceted tool that can be easily accessible in a variety of settings

  • Breaking down the typical stigma and simplifying the usage

  • Long days / helps with focus and being present

  • Can be used as a technique to change relationship with pain


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  • Prevents injuries

  • Mind-body connection

  • Increases mobility

  • Increases energy and decreases stress

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Stress Management

  • Basic overview of the physiology of stress and anxiety and exploration into how anxiety manifests both physically and mentally 

  • Skills training in various evidence-based anxiety management skills ( breathwork, trigger and coping recognition, stress scale )

  • Pulling from CBT therapy, mindfulness techniques and body awareness

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Mental Health

  • Suicide rates highest amongst construction workers

  • Stigmas - talking through challenging conversations

  • Easy access to basic tools through conversations and warning signs

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  • Plays a role in health and encourages awareness around behaviors within our control

  • Focus on behavior change

  • Access to healthy food options / short lunch break

Class Video

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